These kits have been discontinued.

Now you can fly hybrid and composite motors in the same rocket thanks to the ERM recovery system!

Hybrid motors were developed some time ago and have now become the economical alternative to composite motors. As you may already know, hybrid motor ready rockets must have three features not found in most other rockets:

-- An extended motor tube to accommodate the longer length of the hybrid system.

-- An electronic recovery system since hybrid motors do not have an ejection charge built in.

-- Rail lugs since most hybrid launch pads use a guide rail rather than launch rod.

We are pleased to announce an entire line of Hybrid Ready rockets kits that incorporate all of the above.
And the best news is that all of these feature are well suited for composite motors as well!

In addition to all the usual features of a PML rocket kit, all of the kits below (except the Ion: 28" and Nimbus: 30") have a full 36" motor tube allowing the use of even the longest hybrid motor. Apogee parachute deployment is accomplished via the new ERM (Electronic Recovery Module). This new system allows you to use the Accu-Fire Timer or the Co-Pilot Altimeter* that you may already own. This system uses many of the same features and components that has made our CPR system so popular. Flight prep takes less than 5 minutes!

Here’s what you get with the ERM system:

  • Complete altimeter/timer bay assembly.
  • Complete Threaded Airframe Coupler assembly made from 6061 aluminum with a blue anodized finish.
  • * All mounting hardware for the PML Co-Pilot or Transolve P6 altimeter. Mounts for Transolve P5 or P4 and Adept ALTS-25 altimeters sold separately as CPR2K-FAM and -AAM.
  • A blank G-10 sled plate is included for mounting your own altimeter and battery.
  • A complete ejection system including charge canister for e-matches and holder. (Charge cylinders for flash bulbs sold separately.)
  • Rear deployment piston system.
  • External safety switch and lead wires.

A: This part of the timer/altimeter tube extends into the nosecone. The base of the nosecone is cut at the factory for this purpose.

B: The ERM system can be installed into any 2.1 through 3.9 inch diameter airframe by simply using the appropriate centering rings and airframe coupler (included).

C: A small, yet very robust (rated at 6 amps) external safety switch is mounted to the airframe in the area between the two centering rings.

D: This coupler adds a little strength to the joint but primarily acts to align the IDs of the two airframe sections.

E: The precision machined, aluminum threaded airframe coupler screws over the threaded sleeve to lock the airframes together and holds the altimeter/charge assembly within the altimeter tube.

F: The mounts are designed specifically for the PML Co-Pilot altimeter, the PML Accu-Fire timer and Transolve P6 altimeters. Optional mounts are available for the Transolve P5 and Adept ALTS-25 altimeters. Some re-work of the mounts may be needed for other brands of timers and altimeters. See our Complete FAQ for more details.

G: The soft vinyl charge cap fits snugly over the charge cylinder. No need for tape. They are inexpensive and are sold by the dozen. (4) are included with the kit.

H: The charge cylinder snaps firmly into the charge holder and will not require tape to hold it. This design is intended to be used with electric matches and BP and can be re-used indefinitely. (Optional Charge Cylinders are available for flash bulb use.)

These new kits also come with our new PML Linear Rail Lugs. These rail lugs have the same frontal profile as a rail button but are long enough to use 2 mounting screws for added safety. On rockets where using screws is impractical, the Linear Rail Lugs have enough surface area to be safety epoxied in place. The Linear Rail Lugs work with most common rail types including the Blacksky Pro Rail and the model 10-10 rails made by the 80/20 Corporation.

The 54mm kits are compatible with both Aerotech and Hypertek hybrid motor technology. The 38mm kits are intended for the soon-to-be-released Sky Ripper Hybrids. Click here Sky Ripper for more information. Rattworks is also releasing a line of 38mm hybrids very soon. Click here Rattworks for more information.

Of course these Hybrid-Ready kits can be used with 38mm and/or 54mm composite motors, too. See the Motor Recommendations Chart on our Specs Page for more information, and the Motor Mounts page for available Adapters.

A timer or altimeter is required for recovery system deployment; we suggest our PML AccuFire Timer or the PML Co-Pilot altimeter available in the Electronics section of our webstore. (Can also be used with Transolve ST-2B Staging Timer or the P6 altimeter). The timer or altimeter mounts in the ERM housing included with each kit.

Click here for the PML Hybrid FAQ.

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