Welcome to the PML Surplus Center. On occasion we produce a few items that for one reason or another don`t quite meet our specs but are still very good and usable. In all cases these are cosmetic or fit issues that can easily be fixed. We would not sell anything that has a structural problem. We are selling these items off at substantial discount. Items will be sold "as is" and are not returnable.

You may also find a few items here that have been discontinued. These items will be in perfect condition but in VERY limited quantities.

Being in business for nearly 25 years, we`ve accumulated a LOT of stuff! So in the future, we may also add surplus rocketry and shop hardware to this page as well. Check back often, you never know what may pop up on this page!


FNC-7.5-BLEM FNC-7.5 fiberglass nosecone with minor surface flaw or repairs. $68.00 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
FNC-6.0-BLEM FNC-6.0 fiberglass nosecone with VERY MINOR surface flaw. $75.00 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
FNC-3.9-CONICAL-PROTO FNC-3.9-CONICAL-PROTO Prototype fiberglass 5:1 conical nosecone prototype in very good condition. Made specifically for our glasswrapped FGPT-3.9 airframes but will also work with our PT-3.9 and QT-3.9. $79.95 TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
Robby`s Rockets Aluminum LES Ejection Canister
Used in CPR-2000. (Flashbulbs not included, shown only for scale).
CPR2K-LES-HOLDR CPR 2000 LES Ejection Canister Holder $2.99
Launch Lug, thin-wall brass tubingFits 1/4" rods. 12" long 0.7 oz.
Launch Lug, thin-wall brass tubingFits 1/2" rods. 12" long1.3 oz.

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