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Shipping Information

Stock items are shipped within 48 hours of order processing. Most custom orders ship within 7 days. Large and/or complex orders may take extra time. You will be notified at the time of order. Our shipping department will add Shipping and Handling charges as described below.Call PML at 810-327-1710 9-5pm EST Mon-Fri for any questions on exact shipping charges for your order.


United States

  • UPS ground Shipping is $13.95 for all orders under $165.00; orders over $165.00 ship for $18.95 (excluding oversize packages).
  • Small or single item orders such as centering rings (3.9”dia.or smaller), launch lugs for small kits, decals, rivets, etc. will incur a reduced shipping charge and ship via USPS.
  • NOTE: Orders for fiberglass nosecones, all 48 inch long tubes, 6 inch or larger diameter tubing or kits, etc. will incur additional shipping charges due to oversize packages.
  • All shipping is via UPS Ground, except Alaska & Hawaii, which is via US Mail. Air shipments such as Next Day, 2-Day, and 3-Day are available and will be charged accordingly when shipped to any of the 50 states.
  • To receive a quote for oversized or air shipments email us at or give us a call. Zip code is required for quote.


COD orders are no longer accepted under any circumstances.



  • Payments on international orders must be by credit card. COD is not available.
  • For ALL countries other than the United States regular shipping is by AIRMAIL via the United States Postal System. Our shipping department will add appropriate shipping charges.


PML Return Policy
If there is ever a problem with your order, please call PML at 810-327-1710 or e-mail us at

Never return unused motors or damaged motors containing unburned propellant or an unburned delay element. It is illegal for an unauthorized company or individual to ship motors or igniters, which are classified HazMat by the United States Department of Transportation. Please contact Public Missiles Ltd. main office directly (see the Contact Us page) if you have a concern or other issue related to motors or igniters. 

Address your return to:
Public Missiles Ltd.
6030 Paver Lane
Jeddo, MI 48032



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